Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Fun 2008

Wow, this past Christmas was a great one. Felix's first, and boy did he have a great time. I think his favorite was playing in the paper. He was like a dolphin. I have some video to post, it's so funny to see him swirling throughout all the paper. He was in heaven. I think he liked his elmo doll as well!

Christmas eve at the Bernhisel's is always a treat. We feasted on fondue- both cheese and steak, king crab, chowder, trifle, and tiramasu. We had traditional Christmas crackers that held the funny hats and little toy treasures. It's tradition to watch some sort of Christmas movie, and this year it was "Scrooge", the old one, it's the best. It was so nice to just hang out and be with everyone on such a magical night. We were missing the Robinson side of the family, and kept wondering what they were all doing. We get to see them tomorrow though!!

Christmas morning was a delight. Felix wasn't sure what was going on, but he had a great time. Matt and I made eggnog lattes and huge cinnamon rolls and opened our gifts. We had to quickly clean up and head up to my parents to exchange gifts and have more breakfast. More cinnamon rolls, grapefruit, crepes, fruit salad, coffee and juices. We were all stuffed! My Mom and Dad gave us all Nutcrackers or Smokers and one German ornament. It's one of their new traditions they have started. The Theurer boys got all sorts of loot and Allison was gifted with a new ibook laptop. She is one lucky gal! After my Mom's (are you tired yet?) we went out to my Aunt Lisa's house for lunch and to do the cousin book exchange and white elephant gifts. I think the favorite was the Ute thong and a snow globe with my Uncle Bob's picture. We ate more, my favorite was the lox and bagels my mom brought and visited with everyone. The snow started to fly so off we went to snuggle on Christmas in our own cozy house.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Decor

I saw on another blog a gal that had posted pics of her Christmas decor. I loved seeing how other people decorated their homes. Here are a few shots of my place. I really like switching things up year to year. The house and tree never look exactly the same. I already have some killer ideas for next December! Post some pics of your holiday decorations!!

Christmas Party

This was the annual Carling family Christmas party up at my Grandma's house. She insisted on hosting the party this year. She is 91 years old and is still a party animal. Felix had a good time entertaining the ladies. He is a lady's man for sure! He was trying to kiss Paige and wanted to be right next to her. So cute! I love all the family traditions my family has, both on my moms side and my dads side. Christmas wouldn't be the same unless we all got together, bringing all the favorite traditional foods, and catching up with cousins you haven't seen in awhile. I feel lucky that both sides of my family all get along and we truly love each other! That's pretty special!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful

Today is my sweeties birthday! I titled this post "Mr. Wonderful" because that is exactly what you are. I feel so lucky to have you as my husband and to share our lives together. The past 10 months with our little guy Felix has been so much fun and full of so many adventures. I look forward to a life full of bliss with you by my side. I hope you learn a romantic song on your brand new ukulele to strum to me in the moonlight.

We had a fun little party for Matt last night. Brats, Beer and Chocolate Cake, Yum! Four of Matt's good friends showed up to celebrate- Jason Babcock, Brennan Creed, Jeff Bertot, and Dan & Zane Schwender. Zane and Felix had a grand time playing with each other. It really was so cute, they kept touching each others faces. We missed seeing Steven Babcock, it's so fun getting the three little boys together. I wish the Schwenders lived closer!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I made these cute little snowman cupcakes for my mom's birthday party last night. They were a hit with my nephews, especially Heber. He loves chocolate cake, marshmallows and Jr. Mints. They were a little time intensive, but worth the work.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick Day

Oh my goodness, what a horrible Friday we had in the Robinson household! The stomach flu hit Matt and I at the same time late Thursday night. Thankfully before the flu hit, we had a wonderful festive evening dining at the Dodo and seeing Kurt Bestor in concert. Love that guy! Anyway, we had to trade off taking care of Felix who is teething and finishing up his own bout of sickness, while running to the bathroom. People, it was not a pretty sight! Poor Matt even went to work and I struggled to stay alive all morning long. Praise the lord for my Mom and Dad!! She came and got Felix in the afternoon (Matt was home by then) and we slept the day away. What a huge help that was. Happy to report that we are doing much better today. I forgot to post this picture of my Kris Kringle present from my Mom. She hand-made this advent calendar for our little family. I have such fond memories of the same calendar growing up. All my sisters would fight over who got to "pick-out" the pocket for the day, and there was even a bigger fight for who got to put the star on top of the tree. My mom always put the star in pocket 24, so that's what I'll do! My Mom started making these felt calendars when she was a young mother, and sold them in my Aunts gallery in Trolley Square. Sassy and Erika's mom even bought one from her, we figured this out in elementary school while seeing the calendar in their house. I can't wait to see my kids grow and have many fond memories of the felt advent calendar during Christmastime.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kris Kringle

On the evening of December 5th, Kris Kringle will arrive at all the good little boys and girls houses to fill their shoes with gifts and candy. We had a delivery at our house for Felix! Of course Felix knocked all his goodies out of the way to get to the boring books in the bookshelf. I guess I better give him a few years to be more excited. I Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!!

Happy Birthday Mom!! You are the greatest mom on earth. I love you tons and tons. I don't know what I'd do without you. XO
*This picture is of me and Mom in Greece. Heather is on top of the stairs, she always thinks she is so cool.

The Tree Hunt

Matt and I had to go get our tree again from the Robinson Family Tree lot. Last years tree was gorgeous, and this years is equally as lovely. It's so much fun to get all bundled up and search for the perfect tree. Felix wasn't quite sure what we were doing but I think he had a good time. We ran into the Bakers so it was double the fun. I have so many fond memories of going with my family and picking out a tree. It's usually my mom who is in charge... she hauls it on top of the car, gives it a fresh cut, lights it, and then we all decorate it. We always had a hodge-podge of ornaments. One's collected on vacation, given as gifts or hand made. I've then created the same kind of tree in my home today. Thanks mom for teaching me so many great things. I can't help but sit back, gazing at the beautiful tree with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and thinking of Christmas's past.

Old Pumpkins

I had to compost these beauties come December. So sad. I just love the bright orange happy skins.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


For unto us a Child is Born! Cozy nights by the Fireplace sipping Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Decorating the Tree. Ornaments that become Heirlooms. Peppermint bark, toffee, & caramels. Let it snow! A Child's excitement. The sweet Smell of Pine, Bay & Eucalyptus. Christmas Eve with Fondue and Family. Giving to Others. Snowflakes & Snowmen. Parties-Parties-Parties! Gingerbread Houses. Advent Calendars. Reindeer Hooves. Wise Men Still Seek Him. Blessings Abound.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Who wants a wreath? I'm also participating in a boutique this weekend. Here is the info....

December 5th & 6th

Find wonderful gifts that are "wallet friendly"
for everyone and support a local charity!

1869 East Yale Avenue

Friday 5th from 11:00am-2:00pm
Saturday 6th from 10:00am-2:00pm

Holiday Cards
Fresh Wreaths
Jac Baby Accessories
Apparel & Infant slings
Blue Lily Soy Candles