Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bouquet by La Fleur

This is not the greatest picture.....but, at least it gets the point across. I was asked to do a bridal bouquet for a photo shoot in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Utah Bride and Groom. Cool huh? I placed a beautiful ad to show off the fine flowers of La Fleur in the latest issue of Utah Bride and Groom. The ad is in the back resource guide...take a look!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

36 Weeks Preggers

I seriously can't believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant. Only 4 weeks to go! I'm so excited, but also a bit anxious. Can I do this? Will I be a good mom? I've been busy washing little baby things, buying tiny little diapers and putting the finishing touches on the baby's room. I guess you would call it "nesting", but I feel like I always "nest" pregnant or not. I'm a deep cleaner and super organizer by nature, so nothing I've done has been out of the ordinary. I'm sure my steamer will come out soon, I love blasting things with hot steam! I'm having such a hard time sleeping at night, it's the pits. My lower back aches and my hips throb. Felix has taken residence right up under my rib, so I get kicked all the time and boy does that hurt. Just waiting patiently for him to drop lower in my belly. We will be delivering at the new Intermountain Medical Center, very exciting! On Wednesday evening we have a tour lined up to visit the labor and delivery unit. The belly pictures are from a swim day we had last weekend. What was I thinking wearing a bikini? Scary! I'm sure people were wondering what the hell I was doing. I want to thank my older sis Heather, without her I would be so lost in all of this baby stuff. I call her all the time to ask her questions, and she always has the answer. I bet when she sees my name on her caller i.d. she wants to vomit! Heather has also loaded us up with baby gear and clothes...much appreciated. Stay tuned for news of Felix....

Swimming & IHOP

What more could you ask for in life? Water slides & pancakes. Well, this dream came true for three young boys who's names are....Benjamin, Henry & Heber Theurer. Matt and I decided instead of toys this past Christmas, we would give the nephews a day of swimming and a delicious meal at IHOP. Boy did this go over well! They were bouncing off the walls with excitement. We had originally planned to go to the Fairmont Aquatic Center, but it was closed for the day. Thankfully, there is a similar pool out near Cottonwood Mall. There are lap pools, kid play areas, a lazy river and the best water slide ever! I was so jealous of everyone going down the slide. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, water slides. I thought it wasn't a good idea to take a ride, being 8 months pregnant and all. So I watched with envy. Ben went down about a thousand times, and Henry went down even more times than that! We had to coach Heber to go down the kiddie slide, and finally success! We dined later that day at a lovely IHOP. Ben ordered All-You-Can-Eat-Pancakes and Henry wolfed down 5 1/2 giant triangles of french toast. It was a really fun day. Kate and her daughter Hazel even joined in on the swimming fun. Hazel wasn't to sure about all the crazies in the pool...I think she wanted to go home.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Felix's Pad

We have been working night and day getting the baby's room ready. I know he won't really be sleeping in there much at first, but it makes me feel better to be prepared. Matt has been so great assembling furniture, painting, and hauling stuff around. I did help should have seen me, sprawled on the floor trying to get the edges near the base-boards just right. I'm proud of myself that I can even sit on the floor! I'm having the crib bumper and crib skirt made by this wonderful seamstress. I'm sure I could have figured it out, but I didn't want to worry about the hassle. I've had this darling vintage inspired ABC fabric for 10 years, I swear it! I had hopes to use it for a baby's room when I purchased it while working at Hoff Miller, a Interior Design showroom. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll post some pictures of what we are using in the nursery! Felix will have one sweet pad.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!

Well, here we are in 2008...time flies when your having fun! What a great year 2007 was. Lots of fun adventures and good times. Highlights were traveling to Hawaii with my family, celebrating a 1 year anniversary with my sweetie up in Yellowstone, and of course...finding out we were expecting! Matt played a lot of golf, did a lot of fishing, and baked a lot of cookies. I ate a lot of cookies, designed many flower arrangements, and watched my belly grow bigger and bigger. We were really proud of ourselves for working so hard out in the front yard in 2007. We can't wait to see it when it's all planted and growing in 2008.

I welcome 2008 with open's going to be a great year. Baby Felix will arrive in February and I can't begin to tell you how excited we are. We kinda freak out now and again, but realize all the hard work will be worth it! I hope to continue to grow La Fleur into a thriving business, it truly is my passion.

Matt and I wish you the best in 2008! Love to all!