Thursday, July 15, 2010

BeAr LaKe- JulY

What a relaxing trip up to the cabin. Why was it relaxing...?? Because nobody was around!! My cousin Greg was getting married in CA and most of the family was there to celebrate. Matt and I decided we would not go due to the fact we had just gone to New Mexico and we have a Jackson/Yellowstone trip planned for August. So we were the only ones up at the cabin along with my mom and our good friends the Miyas. So glad they came up! We really did have a great time. Their kids are super cute & well behaved. The youngest, Sophie loved to play with Felix. I would see her putting his blanket around him and tucking him in (totally playing house!).

The water level has been rising on the lake so it made for a difficult time to find a dry beach. The beach directly out from our cabin was totally flooded, so no chance going out there. Sad and so frustrating! We did find a few good spots though! I just love that crystal light blue water. It reminds me of the water in Hawaii, seriously!

Even though it was a more relaxing trip, I was really missing my wild and crazy family!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day 2o1o

I love the 4th of July. It means summer has truly arrived, and I love the heat. Well, this year was a bit chilly, we had to bundle up to watch the fireworks! I love the smell of summer- blooming flora, fresh cut grass, charcoal grills, suntan oil. I love the taste of summer- fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes, mint infused lemonade, grilled salmon, burgers & fresh berries.

When the 4th falls on a Sunday it seems like the 4th celebrations last all weekend and for us they did. On Friday we went to the zoo with my friend Michelle and her girls. Later that night Matt and I grilled up some tasty burgers and I made a mayo free potato salad with olive oil and vinegar (tasty). Saturday morning we rode over to Liberty Park with the family to eat breakfast on the patio and to play on the rides. Felix was in heaven with all his rowdy cousins around. After breakfast we went down to Pioneer Park for the Farmers Market. Oh boy how I love the farmers market! Lots of zucchini, herbs, lettuce, beets, and homeless guys passed out etc. After all that play in the sun we had to cool off with a drink from Sonic and a dip in the pool. Felix is turning into a little water bug. He plays on the steps in my parents pool so good! I think I'm going to have him do some little swim lessons from a neighbor girl. Sunday day we went up to the Park City outlet malls and did some serious shopping. Banana Republic had their entire store 50% off!! What the!!? Yeeeeesssssss. Sunday evening we had a lovely bbq at my parents followed by a sweet firework display at the Salt Lake Country Club. God Bless America!!