Friday, February 27, 2009

KDick Pottery

I discovered this amazing artist down at the farmers market last summer. I instantly fell head over heels in love with her wall creatures! It's so nice finding local artists that create such lovely art. I purchased the quail and owl for Felix's room and they add so much character. I'm going to get some of the trout to give to my brother in law Jared for his birthday (so late it was in January!) and I'm hoping that he will want a few others to go into his new dental office that I'm decorating. She has a new website so please check it out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I....

*Woke up feeling good.
*Made a nice steaming mug of coffee and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
*Played with Felix and fed him breakfast.
*Had Jimmy John's for lunch....always the Vito!
*Went on a hike up City Creek Canyon with Matt, Felix & my parents.
*Got some sun on my face.
*Saw a bounding deer.
*Watched cooking shows.
*Had a nice nap on the couch.
*Did some laundry and the dishes.
*Danced with Matt and Felix.
*Talked with Sarah in San Francisco.
*Made Chicken Parmesan, Pasta & Fresh Asparagus for dinner.
*Had a treat.
*Watched a movie in my cozy bed.

It was a good day. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love going in and taking a peek at Felix sleeping, it makes my heart just SING! He recently has been laying on his belly with all his animal buddies and Elmo close by. I feel lucky that Felix goes to sleep so easily, and it's been that way since birth. My sister Heather has been battling to get her youngest babe Carter to sleep in his own crib. Poor little guy, he just wants to sleep next to his mom and dad! They let him cry a few nights ago, and he cried for four hours straight. The next day in church he fell asleep in nursery, sad. I hope things are going better this week! We don't really have a nightly routine with Felix, we usually give him a bottle, put on some sort of soft music and lay him in his crib...with his favorite blankie of course and he is out. We are enjoying this while it lasts.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Wow, Valentines day is definitely not my favorite holiday. I'm always running around cleaning roses, filling up vases, going through piles of tulips and delivering flowers. I do love making all those special ladies happy with my arrangements though! It makes all that hard work worth while. I also enjoy designing with all the awesome flowers that are available this time of year. All the fun spring flowers start looking really nice...tulips, hyacinth, & blooming branches.

Valentines Day should be a romantic and special day. But, with me usually being exhausted come Valentines night...we have decided to have a romance weekend! Tonight I'm going to make something scrumptious for dinner and then settle in with a nice movie. We tried to book a couple massage for Sunday, but most places were booked :( so it will have to happen sometime next week and that's just fine with me. Saturday night may be chocolate fondue by the fire? Not sure yet. Sunday I'm thinking heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and maybe afternoon tea at the Beehive Tea room. Both Matt and I are dying to see Coraline, so I'm hoping we can sneak away for a matinee. XOXO

Happy Valentines Day to all!!

p.s. this rose bouquet picture was from a wedding out at La Caille that I did last year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proud Sister

I just wanted to write a quick post to say how proud I am of my two little sisters. Ashlie was just accepted to medical school in St. Louis and Allison just landed a sweet job at a hip flower shop called Tri Fec Ta. Ashlie is still waiting to hear if she got into med school at the U and we all have our fingers crossed....even though I know she will get in. Tri fec ta is one of my customers that I call on for Bloomerang (my wholesaler flower side job), and they do amazing work. Ali is very talented with flowers and is such a hard worker. Way to go!

I'm also very proud of Sarahjane and that she is following her dream in San Francisco to become an animator. She does super cool projects that you can view on her blog. The link is on my blog.

I'm such a proud older sister.

Okay, I'm proud of my older sister Heather as well. She takes care of 4 little boys and a husband. It's a real wiener-fest over at her place. She never looks or acts stressed, she has it all together I tell ya. She drops off boys at school, takes care of Carter, does the wash/dishes/cleaning, helps out at school, makes meals etc. etc. I think she deserves a dream house with a dream kitchen and a huge dream bathroom where she can hide if she needs.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mommy & Me Photo Shoot

On Felix's birthday we decided to have a little photo shoot. I set the camera up and put it on the timer, there are also some fun self-portraits. We had so much fun celebrating his first birthday.

There are a few other pics as well. Riding on his new giraffe, listening to Dad play music and his new favorite..Ute basketball games!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Party!!!

We had a wild birthday party for Felix on Sunday afternoon. Boy did he have a great time! He crawled around all over the house playing and mingling with guests. He would buzz through the kitchen to have a little dance party and off he would go. We really appreciated everyone who made it. It meant a lot to us. This party was a bumble bee party. We had yellow roses with bees climbing all over the petals, bees hanging from the chandelier, & marzipan bee's topped off the birthday cake! We served lox and bagels, eggs margarita & fresh fruit. Here are some pics from the party.

Felix's #1

I can't believe that my little Felix was born a year ago today. It seems like it's been ages ago, but also it seems like this first year has gone by so fast. Too fast. Holding that little 5-pounder for the first time is so vivid in my mind. I'll never forget it. Figuring out how to nurse him, change him, hold him, bathe him, swaddle him was so scary for the first time. That first night home I could hardly sleep because I was so nervous and anxiety ridden. I laugh at myself thinking about it. Felix was a new mothers dream. A good sleeper and a mild easygoing attitude that has remained. I'm so lucky! We did have some problems though...I had a hard time nursing and felt bad because my milk was low-fat and he struggled gaining weight. Once we started adding in formula along with breast milk things were much better. I nursed up to 8 months. As I'm writing this I'm thinking back to last year at this same time. I was probably laying in the hospital with my epidural, just waiting. Whew, those contractions hurt so bad! Ouch. I still remember what it felt like. Then at 8:32 Felix arrived. What bliss!

This first year with Felix has been such a joy. Watching him grow has been so exciting! He changes all the time, and I know that won't change anytime soon. We have done so many fun things together and I wish I could document each moment. I've done pretty good with photo albums and keepsake boxes! This is a list of some of the highlights of this past year that we have done together.

Top 10:
#10) Swimming in Grandma's pool
#9) Hiking in St. George
#8) Dancing with you at the Jack Johnson concert
#7) Many, many walks...just you and me
#6) Snuggling in bed in the morning
#5) Sharing Eggo's for breakfast
#4) Rocking you late at night
#3) Dancing, Dancing, Dancing all over the place
#2) You learning to kiss me
#1) Hugging and snuggling with me and Dad

I love you my darling little doodle bug in a doodle rug!


Monday, February 2, 2009


Sweet hearts. Chocolate.
Deep Red Rose Petals.
Candle Light.
Homemade Fancy Dinners for my Love.
Decorating Sugar Cookies.
Cold Winter Nights.