Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cut

This kid really does have a full head of hair. It started the day he was born. I guess it makes sense with Matt's thick head of black hair (salt and pepper really) and my lion's mane, Felix was bound to have luxurious locks. I've trimmed his hair a few times now, mostly around the ears and once across the forehead. Not a good idea, it was totally slanted and he looked like the dumb and dumber guy. So, we had one of our friends who actually knows how to cut hair, cut Felix's hair. What a little man he is! He is growing WAY too fast.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunny St. George

Oh my did my soul get refueled down in St. George last week! 6 Days of sunny 80 degree weather. Aahhhhh. I don't know what it is about St. George, but I love it. It doesn't have loads of great shopping, or millions of restaurants, but I would rather go to St. George than Vegas any time. I know, I know, some people probably think I'm crazy! It's not about eating at IN'N'Out, or Wagon Wheel, it's just the way I feel down in Southern Utah. It's spiritual and uplifting.

I had a strong moment of clarity while hiking in Snow Canyon. It's like those red mountains spoke to me, well I guess they always speak to me. I think this is why I chose to be married in St. George and find it a favorite getaway. Something about the desert just sucks me in.

We really did have some fun times this trip. Felix loves being outdoors and he really enjoyed all the hiking and playing on the golf course. His walking skills really improved out wondering on the links. A great hike we found was just outside of Leeds. Matt and I had done it before, but we took Ashlie to check it out and then the rest of the family the next day. You have to use a rope and little carved out footholds to get across a waterfall and gorgeous green pool. Felix got a little nervous dangling over the water, he did a soft little scared cry. This place really is da bomb. So untouched and lovely. Too bad it was spring break and there were more people than usual. Next time we go on this hike we want to take swimming suits, lunch and just kick back and splash all day long.

My Dad went down because he was playing in a golf tournament and I want to say that he won the tourny. Go Dad, you rock the Senior Division!! He also treated us all to massages and Matt to a day of golfing at Sand Hollow. What a guy! Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch Out David Beckham

Felix has just learned to walk in the past few weeks. He is already a soccer star!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Matt and the Park

Well, I thought it was about time for a little update on the going on's of the Robinson house hold. As you know, Matt was laid off from Mrs. Fields in January, lame! He has been searching for new jobs for the past few months, but nothing worth while has turned up. Tough times for finding a great job. We are currently getting a small amount from unemployment, and thankfully I have some income coming in with my flower biz. It has been challenging these past few months. We have never had to worry too much about money, now it is controlling our lives. I watch every cent I spend and I guess it's a good habit to get into anyway. I've always been a good bargain shopper and I love finding quality products at bottom prices. I've been on the hunt for the best price on "Simply Orange" orange juice (our favorite), organic milk & organic meats. It can be fun and I like a challenge. We make dinner at home so much more now. Finally I can test out all those recipes I've been holding on to. When we do eat out, which is rare now, we use our happening's book, or find a buy one meal get one free!!

I know life is not fair and I keep wondering why this is happening to us!? Somebody slap me! Our situation could be a lot worse. There are families out there that have lost everything. Most of the time I see life as"half full" but lately I've been seeing things "half empty". Matt pulls me back to the good side. He has been so strong during this time. He is so positive and knows everything will be okay in the end. It's just a couple of rough months that's all, he says. I believe him. People, I BELIEVE, PRAISE JESUS!!

We are very lucky to have such great family and friends supporting us. My aunt Marilee has been a lifesaver. You see, Marilee has run the concession stands and rides down at Liberty Park for over 20 years. A few years ago the city put in a nice little restaurant on the other side of the concession stand...The Liberty Park Grill. It's such a fun little place to go eat breakfast or lunch. Matt and I ate there so much last year. We would walk down and have breakfast, then stroll through the park. Well, Marilee has so graciously handed over the reins to Matt. He will take over the restaurant, and she has two more years on her contract with the concessions. She hopes Matt would like to take that over as well.

The restaurant has been open for a few weekends now, with business picking up! We will be open on weekends in March and then all week April through October. Exciting!! Matt has been working his butt off and has been doing great. Business can be slow when the weather is cold, but last Sunday it was busy. The breakfast menu really is great. The eggs benedict are my favorite. If you would like to go down to eat, just mention you are a friend of mine or that you read this blog post and you will receive 10% off. Yipee!!

So, we are staying positive and enjoying this new exciting time in our lives. It may be scary right now but I really believe that everything will be okay. The universe works in mysterious ways doesn't it?

Just a Nibble...

Felix found this postcard and he couldn't resist taking just a few little bites. He loves to eat paper! I once gave him a paper cup to distract him in the car, and soon it was very silent...too silent! I turned around and he was in heaven chewing on a huge piece of the cup.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cucina Nassi

So I have been working with this new amazing banquet center called Cucina Nassi. They have the same owner as Cucina know- that awesome Italian restaurant downtown. Love that place! Anyway, they just opened the space in December and it really is so elegant. I would love to do a wedding or event there someday. I'm in the works to help with some table centerpieces that will be changed out monthly. It's a bit of a challenge, something that looks beautiful but that will dry kinda nice. I'm going to bring a sample arrangement next week. I've ordered artichokes, sunflowers, lavender, & safari sunset. Very Tuscan wouldn't you say? I had to go in yesterday to chat with the general manager Justin. He is such a cool guy! I even was invited to stay and have lunch. He snapped his fingers and the chef brought out the most amazing lunch. Spinach salad with mushrooms and goat cheese, and fresh pasta with red sauce and shrimp. Delicious! Justin wants to give my name out to all his clients and I'm just honored and completely thrilled.

Cucina Nassi
2155 S. Highland Drive

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I do have to say that Felix is a very stylish young man. This outfit is proof. So hip-hop, love it!

Valentines Day 2009

Here are some cute pics on Valentines Day. I gave Felix a paper heart and he proceeded to rip it up within 5 seconds.