Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Party Central

I just love getting together with friends and family during December. Celebrating the season is the best ever! We kicked off December with the Carling Family Christmas party down at my Aunt Marilee's place in Liberty Park. She owns and runs the concession stand and rides, and the new little restaurant was a perfect place to hold a party. We ate grilled burgers and hot dogs, popcorn, soda, sweets and a ice cream sundae bar..yum-yum. Even Santa came and payed a visit to all the little boys and girls. The kids went sledding and warmed themselves by the fire. Heber's little hands were so cold! It was great seeing all of my aunts, uncles and cousins...even Grandma made it.

Another fun tradition with the Bernhisel side of the family is the annual cookie party! My aunt Jan had the party over at her newly remodeled house, and what a gorgeous house indeed. The kids decorated gingerbread houses with piles of icing and every kind of candy imaginable. Heber was a professional gingerbread house designer that day. He spent hours making sure his house was just right! It looked wonderful. Matt, Sarah and I made gingerbread mobiles (from the December issue of Martha). We rolled out dough, cut shapes, baked and decorated. My finished mobile is hanging in our living room. I plan to keep it year to year. It's so special to have such fun aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of my family.

The Eve of the Eve party is another Bernhisel Family tradition. My aunt Suzanne has the party over at her house. Everyone brings something delicious to share. There are piles of wonderful food, kids running and playing, lively conversation, and this year there was a serious game of bingo! Next Christmas will be so much fun...4 new baby boys under the age of one. Carter Theurer, Jack Stewart, Colter Allred & baby Felix. So fun!! Even with G-G having her hip replaced only a short time ago, made it to the party. It wouldn't be the same without her and Grandpa Ted.

My darling Kappa girlfriends always have a fun Christmas party celebration. This year April hosted the party over at her house. Lots of fondue and peppermint schnapps. Wish I could have had one of those! Sassy won the ugliest sweater contest. The sweater was not that bad...but with the addition of chocolate drips down the front it won hands down. April sported a lovely jacket and bedazzled/begangled golden corsage...a look for any holiday party. I seriously have the best friends in the world. Everyone is so different, yet we all get along so well. These women are so talented, beautiful and amazing.

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