Sunday, February 6, 2011

Felix and the Dentist

It's really nice to have a dentist in the family. You know, for flossing emergencies and free toothpaste. It was finally time for Felix to have a quick dental check up with Uncle Jared at his awesome dental office. He was really excited to go and see the fish tank and sit in the cool chair. He was a little scared at first and then he was just fine (after he got the little mirror to hold). Jared (I mean Dr. Theurer) really is the best dentist around, please call and make an appointment if you need a new dentist.


Julie said...

I had an appointment with him while we were in town over Christmas and he really is the best dentist! Looks like Felix did great!!

Sarah said...

I love that it is his uncle, and Felix is sitting at the edge of his seat, ready for an escape.

Felix looks so grown up!