Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HaPpy BirthDay Cart-Cart!!

Today is Carter's 3rd. Birthday!! Can't believe it. Carter is Felix's FAVORITE person in the whole world. We drive up the road by Sugarhouse Park and Felix starts screaming "Cart-Cart" because he knows his house is close by. Heather's house is like Disneyland for Felix, he goes absolutely ape &%$#@. I dread going because it's such a fight when it's time to go. Carter and Felix have actually been playing together, not just side by side. Last Sunday they would hold hands and walk all over the house together. They even would give each other hugs and smooches. Tender moments! Happy Birthday Carter, we love you!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We are in the mix of remodeling our bathroom right now and it totally blows. When you try to save money by doing it yourself it always takes a lot longer than you think. Matt has hired guys to do the electrical and dry wall but pretty much he has taken on the entire project by himself. A big thanks to my friends husbands and Matt's buddies that have come over to help and give advice! The walls are up, tub installed (so deep and dreamy) duel flush toilet installed and Matt is priming the walls as we speak. I need to run over to the paint store and pick out a nice color for the walls. Well, I think I'm going with a shade of white. We have dark floor tiles that have flecks of silver and blue and the subway tile in the shower is a calming ocean blue (with an stripe of white glass mosaic). So, I think a white will work. Oh I can't wait for it to be finished! We have been going up to my moms to shower for the past few weeks. It's not that bad considering they have a pretty sweet steam shower with a bench to lounge on and a rain shower head. It's kinda like a spa, well I like to imagine it is!

While Matt did the demo I went down to St. George with my mom and Mr. Felix. It was a fun little getaway and a nice bonding trip with my mommy. We ate out a lot (discovered that Wagon Wheel has moved from Leeds BACK to St. George!!) hiked near Kayenta, took walks on the golf course looking for frogs and spent some time in the sun over at the pool. Mr. Felix had a blast at the pool. He played with his sharks and kept saying "na-na na-na" (Jaws theme). It will be fun this summer at Grammy's pool! I'll be posting some pics of the progress on the bathroom soon, I just need to download them!

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